Heatwave is held annually in Wildwood, NJ at the Wildwoods Convention Center, located on the Wildwood Boardwalk directly overlooking the ocean.

Cost: $249

Your registration is not complete until you pay at least a $50 nonrefundable deposit. Fundraising opportunities will be explained at Campus Life clubs. Contact your Campus Life Leader for more details.

The cost includes transportation, hotel, Heatwave t-shirt, beach and field sports tournaments, admission to all general sessions, boardwalk challenges, small group breakouts, nine meals, and much more!

Travel Information will be provided as the trip gets closer!


Please do your best to bring one suitcase and one carry on type bag. Space is limited!

Items you will need:

Money for lunches and souvenirs. Please be aware that most ATM’s on the boardwalk charge a service fee

Beach towel

Sunscreen and sunglasses

A reusable water bottle


Medication – must be in the original container

Toiletries – soap, shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, brush, sunscreen, etc.

Clothing – casual clothes, swimsuit, comfortable shoes–you will be walking A LOT,  a light jacket, pants, pajamas, sunscreen, etc.


Student Guidelines & Expectations

I will cooperate with ALL Campus Life staff for the duration of the trip.

I will report to designated group meeting locations ON TIME.

I will refrain from the use of alcohol, illegal drugs, vapes, and tobacco – We will work with students with tobacco addictions who want to attend, but an agreement must be worked out with Campus Life, the student, and the parent/guardian BEFORE the event. Tobacco use without this prior arrangement is grounds to send a student home.

I will refrain from the appearance of a sexual activity or sexually related acts.

I will not bring any type of firecracker or any type of instrument that could be considered a weapon. This includes guns of any kind, including BB guns and toy guns. It also includes pocket knives, pen knives, camping knives or tools, switchblades, cutters, sling shots, laser pointers, etc. If I have any questions regarding this, I will ask before the event.

I will not yell, throw things, etc. anywhere at the hotel or in the Convention Center.

I will wear clothing deemed appropriate by Mason-Dixon Campus Life. This means avoiding any excessively revealing clothing. Please do not wear any clothing that promotes or alludes to drug, alcohol, or sexually related messages. If necessary, a t-shirt will be given to be worn over, or in place of, any offensive articles of clothing. Girls bathing suits – a modest one-piece or 2-piece tankini is preferred. If a very immodest bikini is worn, you may be asked to change or wear something over it. Guys – No speedos. Please wear regular swimming trunks. (These guidelines apply, even if other groups are less aware of the issue of modesty.)

I will do my best to avoid using vulgar or abusive language and/or words that misuse God’s name.

I further understand that stealing, damaging the property of others, lying, fighting, bullying and/or the harassment of others are grounds for my immediate dismissal or removal from the event.

I will not be disrespectful to the speakers on stage, or those seated around me, by talking, passing notes, or being distracting.

I will always remain within approved areas and avoid areas designated as off limits. Students should not be near any rooms other than there own, the swimming pool area, or any room we use as a chapter.

For my own safety and the safety of others, I will adhere to the “buddy system” and go nowhere alone.

For the benefit of the leaders responsible for me, I will ALWAYS notify a leader of any changes in my plans/activities so they will have an idea of my location in the event of an emergency.

I understand that the use of personal electronics such as video games and cell phones is greatly restricted, and in some cases, disallowed. I AM REQUIRED TO TURN MY CELL PHONE OFF DURING ALL CONFERENCE SESSIONS AND FROM 11 PM TO 7 AM EACH DAY! I understand that a24- hour emergency number to a Campus Life staff member has been provided to my parent/guardian in the event that I need to be reached in an emergency during these hours.

Curfew times will vary with each day’s program schedule. I will abide by the designated curfew times and be in bed and quiet after “lights out”. Students will not be permitted to sleep outside their rooms.

I will not get any piercings or tattoos at this event.

Register today!

A YFC Consent & Release Form is also required to attend!

To register for this event, you must either be the parent/guardian of a student attending or a YFC Leader!

To pay your deposit, or balance due, click here.