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Our YFC Scholarship application is now live.

The Earl W. Schultz Jr. Memorial Scholarship Award is presented by Mason-Dixon Youth For Christ in memory of the chapter’s founder.  The scholarship is presented to a deserving senior who has distinguished themselves in their local YFC ministry (Campus Life, Girl Talk, etc.), will be continuing their education at a college or university, and has been active in their school, church, and community.  Awards range from $100.00 to $1,000.00.

Qualifications For This Award Are:

  • A distinguished positive influence in the local YFC ministry for a considerable amount of their education
  • Pursuing further education by attending a college, university, or institute of higher learning. If it is a Christian Institute, that may help in the deciding, but is no longer mandatory.
  • A student who is active in their local church and/or youth group
  • A student who is in good academic standing
  • A student who is active socially in the school or community by being involved in school clubs, volunteer work, or local employment.
  • A person who is involved in physical activities such as sports, music, drama, physical fitness programs, etc. (students with disabilities would be exempt from this qualification)

Application deadline is May 19, 2023!

2023 Scholarship Application